5% of Profits Donated to Foster Children in the USA
5% of Profits Donated to Foster Children in the USA
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What Foster Parenting Has Taught Me About Love

What Foster Parenting Has Taught Me About Love

what foster parenting has taught me about love sometimes mom

By @sometimes_mom

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my (foster) children. But is this love any less than the love a parent has for their (biological) child? Absolutely not! But also, I guess I don’t know. I have never had biological children. 

Back when I was in first grade, I remember a friend saying to me “I have the best mom in the whole world!” Now, to another first grader, those might have seemed like fighting words, but I distinctly remembered thinking to myself “how would she know? She has only had one mom and of course, everyone thinks THEIR mom is the best”

 As we grow up, we realize not everyone is lucky enough to have the best mom in the whole world (even if mine totally is). But ask your average first grader who the best mom in the world is and chances are, it is theirs. Just like any parent will tell you they love their kids the most, which I imagine is true across the spectrum of biological, foster, adoptive, and more. 

 Love can’t be quantified. But if it could, I’m sure of the fact that I love my (foster) children more than any other parent in the world! Those may seem like fighting words to any parent reading this, and they are!

Love is not conditional.

It does not depend on them having my eyes, my nose or my hyperbolic nature. It is not contingent upon how lovable they may seem.

Love is not reciprocal.

It does not hinge on my attendance at their graduation or wedding, or their ability to take care of me when I’m older. It doesn’t require them to ever call me mom or remember me past the age of 4.

Love is not limited.

It does not discriminate against DNA that differs from mine. Parental instincts kick in the moment a child is placed in our home even if it takes that child awhile to trust that I am loving and safe. 

Love cannot be measured.

But if it could, I’m certain I would win. 


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